May is National Mental Health Awareness Month.


It is an observance aimed at raising awareness about mental health and the importance of taking care of our emotional and mental well-being.


As a licensed psychotherapist for 30 years, mental health is my top priority, and I am passionate about promoting mental well-being and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health challenges.


With mental health conditions affecting millions of people worldwide.


it’s more important than ever to prioritize mental well-being and support those who may be struggling.


According to the World Health Organization, mental health conditions are a leading cause of disability worldwide, and nearly 1 in 5 adults in the United States experience some form of mental illness each year.


This includes conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more.


One of the biggest challenges surrounding mental health is the stigma that often surrounds it.


Many people who experience mental health challenges may feel ashamed or embarrassed to seek help, which prevents them from getting the care and support they need.


This is why initiatives like National Mental Health Awareness Month are so important, as they help to reduce the stigma and promote resources and support for those who need it.


So, what can you do to support mental health this May and beyond? Here are some tips:


Educate yourself: Learn about mental health and the challenges that people may face. This can help reduce stigma and increase understanding and empathy.


Prioritize your own mental health: Make sure to take care of your own mental wellbeing. This includes things like practicing self-care, staying connected with loved ones, and seeking professional help if needed.


Support others: If you know someone who may be struggling with mental health challenges, offer your support and encouragement. Let them know that it’s okay to seek help and that they’re not alone.


Advocate for change: Advocate for policies and programs that support mental health, such as increased access to mental health services, reduced stigma, and better education and awareness.


As a licensed psychotherapist for 30 years, I know firsthand the importance of mental health and the impact it can have on all areas of our lives.


I am committed to supporting mental well-being and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health challenges, and I encourage everyone to do the same.


This Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s commit to supporting mental health and promoting resources and support for those who need it.


Together, we can make a difference and create a world where mental health is a top priority.


Your ally in wellness,