About Me


Just like you, I’m a student of Earth school. Whether we’re in kindergarten or college, each of us is on a hero’s journey.

At this stage, I see myself as a bridge between two worlds, the familiar three-dimensional one and the multi-dimensional one of the universe.         

I’m an intuitive coach, therapist, empath, and teacher. I haven’t always known I was intuitive. I felt different from other kids but wasn’t sure why. I didn’t come from a family where intuition was even a word in our vocabulary.

My strongest intuitive senses are clairvoyance (clear sight), claircognizance (clear knowing), and clairsentience (clear feeling). What this means is that I have a gift that allows me to see, sense, and perceive people’s emotional blocks.

To put it simply, I trust my vibes and it works for me.  It also helps me to help you.

Hello, I am Marlu.

Being a licensed psychotherapist for thirty years has gifted me with a deep understanding of relationships.One of my greatest passions is helping people heal emotional wounds. I’ve worked with hundreds of couples, from newlyweds to parents engaged in high-conflict custody battles. 

My personal custody dispute, initiated by my ex-husband, led me to a fifteen-year adjunct career as a child custody evaluator and mediator for family courts in Los Angeles. This valuable experience taught me what did not work in relationships, and helped me develop effective skills to mediate conflict.

My training with John and Julie Gottman, preeminent experts on couples, taught me the importance of using respectful communication to stabilize relationships and prevent discord.

Even when you disagree, you can learn to express yourself with kindness.

My daily meditation practice constantly shows me how deep breathing enhances deeper listening and understanding. 

I believe that most couples can transform their marriage into the supportive, joyful and passionate relationship that drew them together in the first place. Busy couples who struggle to communicate can learn to stop fighting, connect deeply, and finally know for certain their relationship will last.

“Working with Marlu has the potential to improve your communication with everyone you know.”

I encourage lightworkers to embrace their gifts, process soul retrieval, dark nights of the soul, and shadow work.

I help people clear unconscious blocks through hypnosis, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), akashic records, and yes, even psychotherapy.

I can’t prescribe medication, but I wholeheartedly prescribe meditation.

My earlier life …

… was affected by trauma from a catastrophic car accident at age 18, drug and alcohol use, abusive relationships with men, divorces, family estrangement, abduction, rape, and attempted strangulation. I unconsciously and repeatedly played the role of victim, seeking a myriad of help fromTony Robbins to Alcoholics Anonymous, hoping that someone or something would rescue me. 

To help cope with chronic trauma, I took cocktails of prescription medication for years until one day they just stopped working. When I envisioned myself swallowing all the bottles of pills, I realized that something was terribly wrong with my thinking. 

That wake-up call was followed by a dream visitation from a departed loved one, which led me to consult a psychic medium, who introduced me to a daily meditation practice. I began to face my inner demons and clear out emotional debris. 

Meditation helped me realize that I am the master of my life.

Recharged and drug-free, I set out in a new direction on my hero’s journey.

Three years later, feeling betrayed by a close family member, I suffered an emotional collapse. Luckily, it didn’t last long. I answered that wake-up call and immediately enrolled in a writing class. What began as a letter to my family turned into three years of writing classes, a memoir, and another direction on my hero’s (healing) journey.

I didn’t know then about James Pennebaker’s research on how writing about trauma can lead to healing. Now, there’s always a journal by my side.

All my trials have been valuable lessons for me, but I want much more for you.

Chances are, I’ve been where you are.

We’ve likely experienced similar pain, betrayal and suffering. At one time, I probably lived in your neighborhood, maybe even next door.  

In the beginning, I set my life up to learn the hard way. But now, as a wise elder, I recognize that suffering is optional. I’m committed to helping you avoid pitfalls and learn through love.

Have you heard that the prime of life is from 50 to 100?

I haven’t seen the research, but I’m claiming it.  I’m at my peak and the happiest I’ve ever been. 

With each breath I take, I choose love over fear. I want the same for you.

You don’t have to wait until you’re fifty to start living a more fulfilling life. It doesn’t matter how old you are because it’s never too late. 

We always have a choice. We don’t have to suffer.

Where, when, and to whom have you given your power away? It’s time to take your power back.  

Consider me an ally on your hero’s journey.