Transformation Happens Here

You are the hero/heroine of your life. I am an ally. 

You have the answers. I help you find them.


The most important thing I want you to know is this: 
You are teachable.
You have the power to transform your life.

You can learn to access the power within. Your intuition is an internal GPS, your superpower, guiding you to love yourself unconditionally; to know, without question, that you are whole and complete exactly as you are.

Marlu Harris


A bit about you …

You yearn for a deeper connection in your closest relationships.

You want to confidently express how you feel without fear, to eliminate self-sabotage and obliterate imposter syndrome.

You want to stop questioning your worthiness and accept and love who you are right now.

 You are willing to stop judging and complaining, to take accountability for your life experience, and to raise your vibration even if you don’t know how.

You are ready to discover and share your gifts with the world.

A difficult struggle or devastating loss can catapult you into auspicious change.

I’m so glad you’re here.


Work With Me

Have you experienced the loss of a loved one, a major financial setback, or another unexpected disaster that has up-ended your entire life?

How I can help…

In my thirty years as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and coach, I’ve assisted thousands of clients to shake off depression, minimize anxiety, heal trauma, and embrace change.

I coach high-functioning successful women to smash imposter syndrome, crush self-sabotage, and speak with authority.

I help disengaged couples stop fighting, communicate effectively, connect deeply, and finally know for certain their relationship will last.

I help lightworkers and empaths process dark nights of the soul, free themselves from past trauma, and fully accept their intuitive talents so they can utilize their gifts to heal themselves and others.


How It Works

I can help you discover what lies beneath undesirable thoughts, negative feelings and dysfunctional behaviors so you can eradicate these problems once and for all. I will help you access the unlimited source of power within, so you can speak, work, and live with greater confidence and satisfaction.

Imagine what it feels like to be loved unconditionally, to have true compassion for yourself and others, and to accept who you are without self-doubt.  You are the hero of your life.  You know something is holding you back. You know you are meant for more. Perhaps you want to launch a business, create a more loving relationship, develop your intuitive abilities, change careers, or simply feel good more often than not.

Unresolved trauma and painful memories no longer have to keep you stuck. Although you can’t erase unpleasant memories, you can change your perception of them and eliminate the emotional charge. No matter what lies in the past, you’ll be able to transform it. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

I will teach you how to say “No” gracefully, and to set boundaries, while staying true to who you are. Together, we’ll discover the perfect tools to sustain your improvements and quickly eliminate anything that appears to sabotage your vision.

Now is the time to discover your unique gifts, expand your consciousness and claim your power.

It’s your turn to enjoy a life of prosperity, abundant health, and meaningful relationships. It is never too late to expand from within, to access your internal power, and create a more empowered version of yourself. Now that you’re here, there is no stopping you. No time is ever wasted. Every minute of your life has brought you here. Once you’ve set foot on the journey, there is no turning back. You are unstoppable.

You may have heard that  “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I am here to guide you. I welcome you. I love you. I am grateful you’ve arrived.

Let’s do this!