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Expand your vision, your skills and your strengths.

Your mind is your most powerful tool.

install new empowering beliefs using mindfulness, meditation, coaching and RTT™ hypnosis. Free yourself from negative self-talk, PAST TRAUMA and irrational fears.

Heal relationship wounds. Trust your intuition, smash imposter syndrome, crush self-sabotage. Communicate with confidence. Discover what lies beneath undesirable thoughts, negative feelings and dysfunctional behaviors so you can eradicate these problems forever. Utilize your gifts to heal yourself and others.

Transform your life!


Corporate Wellness Consultation

As a Corporate Wellness Facilitator, in addition to leading motivational personal growth seminars, Marlu offers support to grieving individuals and groups in the workplace when a colleague, coworker, or team member has passed away. Co-workers become an extended family. Many people spend more waking hours at their workplace than with family.

As a trained mediator and conflict resolution specialist, Marlu has helped employers deal with difficult employees, as well as helping employees resolve personal conflicts within the workplace. She has worked in hospital settings, entertainment, government, and private sector.

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Working with Couples

The Couples Connection

I believe that most couples can transform their marriage into the supportive, joyful and passionate relationship that drew them together in the first place.  Busy couples who struggle to communicate can learn to stop fighting, connect more deeply and finally know for certain their relationship will last.

As a relationship coach and psychotherapist (LMFT) licensed for thirty years, I’ve worked with hundreds of couples, from newlyweds to high-conflict parents engaged in custody disputes. My personal divorce and custody battle led to an adjunct 15-year career as a court-appointed mediator and child custody evaluator, an excellent training ground for learning what doesn’t work in relationships. I’ve completed all three levels of therapist training personally with John and Julie Gottman, whose research has transformed marriages across the globe.

I know what works to stabilize relationships and prevent discord. As a result, I have created two successful programs for couples. Recharge your Relationship and Happily Ever After.

My Recharge Your Relationship program is designed for couples who are having difficulty resolving conflicts and want to change unhealthy patterns of communicating. 

Things may go smoothly for a while and then one day an unresolved incident from the past is triggered and a downward spiral of hurt feelings, accusations and blame begins.

You know deep inside something needs to change.

My Happily Ever After program is designed for committed couples who are in the early stages of their relationship:  pre-marriage, newlyweds, living together or considering cohabitation.

Too many couples wait until there are complex problems and repetitive patterns of destructive behaviors before they seek help. Your commitment to enriching your relationship now will pay great dividends in your future.

By taking a proactive approach, you can instill research-based positive behaviors that enhance your already loving relationship, making it even better.

Your relationship is unique and each package is custom-tailored for you.

What is included in each program?
1. Relationship survey

a questionnaire designed by John Gottman, to be completed by each partner. The survey highlights strengths and weaknesses, creating a roadmap of your relationship. Results are sent directly to me to create a custom plan for you.

2. Meditation for Couples Audio

to listen to at your convenience as a meditation or relaxation exercise.

3. Live video sessions Based on your unique needs

which, may include: 

  • Exercises in active listening and sharing appreciation at each session
  • Focus on key areas: strengths and weaknesses
  • Communication styles
  • Tools to increase and enhance relationship strengths
  • Antidotes to negative behavior patterns
  • Finances
  • Religious, spiritual and cultural considerations
  • Sex and romance
  • Extended family issues
  • Parenting and children 
  • Co-parenting or step-parenting if blending families
  • Household management
  • Division of labor
  • Love languages
  • Repetitive areas of conflict
  • Emotional triggers
  • Learning to handle conflict with love and kindness
  • Creating a culture of appreciation in the home
  • Weekly homework between sessions to anchor positive communication habits

Whichever program is best suited for you, at the end you will be able to:

  • Enhance your relationship with tools that last a lifetime
  • Express yourself honestly with love, kindness and respect  (even when you’re upset)
  • Know your unique strengths and weaknesses
  • Build up your strong points and minimize the weak ones
  • Understand your triggers and how to release them
  • Create and maintain a culture of appreciation
  • Identify and eliminate relationship killers, and much, much more

Recharge Your Relationship Program


Happily Ever After Program


relationship survey only


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Psychotherapy and Coaching

Most clients seek psychotherapy to alleviate suffering and coaching to reach specific goals. Psychotherapy provides a deep listening container to process the hard stuff: grief, trauma, heartbreak, depression, anxiety. Coaching takes the form of identifying desired changes, outlining goals to achieve them, and being accountable for the goals you’ve set. Both approaches can lead to taking inspired action and transforming your life.

Unlike coaching, to become a licensed therapist takes years of training (Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology), in addition to 3,000 supervised clinical hours working one-on-one with clients.  I’ve been a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT) in California since 1993. My coaching training was a one-year program, combining online and live seminars through Future Force. I am personally committed to lifelong learning and continuing education in the fields of psychology, mindfulness and self-growth forever.

Many people need to clear emotional blocks in order to benefit from coaching. I assume the role of a co-creator, wisdom counselor, accountability partner and cheerleader to motivate you. I ask deep questions to figure out what’s holding you back. A combination of coaching and therapy is ideal for uncovering and clearing any limiting beliefs. To establish healthy communication in relationships, there are often emotional triggers to be addressed therapeutically, paving the path to coaching for behavioral change. 

You can learn to upgrade your communication skills and use words as wands rather than weapons.

As a licensed therapist in California, your medical insurance may cover some of the cost.



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Hypnosis and RTT™ (Rapid Transformational Therapy™)

Path to Freedom Program

The intention of the Path to Freedom is to uncover the root, the cause and the reason behind your issue, eliminate the issue, and embed new, transformational beliefs in its place. Through a powerful hypnosis process, we will implant an expanded version of yourself, designed specifically for you, replacing outdated programs that are unconsciously driving dysfunctional patterns of behavior.

What is included in the Path to Freedom?
1. opening up your mind to upgrade limiting beliefs

A Self-Hypnosis recording will be provided so you can begin listening immediately, preparing you for your journey. 

2. Writing to tune into the truth of your heart

You complete a detailed questionnaire to identify blocks and create your desired outcome.

3. verbally defining your intentions and ultimate results

A 45-minute session to further clarify your goals, and answer any questions, review your questionnaire, and prepare for your transformation.

4. Dialogue with your subconscious mind

The Path to Freedom RTT™ hypnosis session. This is an approximately two-hour journey into your subconscious mind to discover the root, the cause and the reason for your issue and eliminate it.

5. Listening daily to your personal transformation to anchor the new beliefs

A recording of the transformational piece, embedding the new beliefs, is provided for you to listen to daily for a minimum of  21 days, accompanied by music with binaural beats to activate theta brainwaves so your mind easily adapts to positive changes in your thinking and behavior.

6. 1:1 Coaching with Marlu to Enhance and Solidify Your Transformation

Three follow-up sessions at 7 days, 14 days and 21 days following the hypnosis. 

+ Email support throughout

Unlimited email contact throughout.

Path to Freedom Program


Embark on the “Path to Freedom” with our RTT Express program, featuring a potent two-hour hypnosis session. Experience the transformation you desire, captured in a personalized recording, and receive ongoing guidance through email follow-ups. All this for $599 – your gateway to powerful, efficient change.



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Mystic Mastermind

If you are a spiritual seeker or student of mystic arts, interested in intuitive development and monthly meetings facilitated by me, this program is for you.

As a guide and facilitator of the Akashic Records, I have had the privilege of witnessing the transformative power of this ancient wisdom in my own life and the lives of others.

Having traversed various paths on my spiritual journey, I have discovered that the Akashic Records provide unparalleled guidance, validation, support, and comfort.

It is through my experience with these records that I have witnessed profound personal growth and an expansion of my spiritual horizons.

In this monthly gathering, we create a space where spiritual seekers come together to explore the mystical arts and tap into the profound knowledge stored within the Akashic Records.
Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just beginning to explore this realm, you are welcome here.

Join us as we venture into the realm of the Akashic Records and embrace the limitless possibilities that await us.

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Akashic Record Exploration

These are sessions for spiritual growth and deep insight.


(1 hour)

Learn More

A higher multi-dimensional meditative journey to access your soul record in the Akashic field, where we access the wisdom of your higher self, the angelic realms and ascended masters to help you understand your soul plan and next steps to take on your spiritual journey.

The Akashic Records are part of the akasha, a library where every moment of your life (past, present and future) is recorded.

These sessions are fully recorded so that you can access your higher consciousness on your own time whenever you wish.


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