What clients have to say …

Dear Marlu,

I wanted to say thank you again for taking the time to speak with the team today about self-care and all of your recommendations on how we can better help and support ourselves. I’m looking forward to staying in touch as I’m sure our paths will cross again!

Thanks for helping me get out of my own head and feeling so disheveled. The breathing and mindfulness really helps!


Kim Truong, Partner Resources Manager, Starbucks Coffee Company

Dear Marlu,

I have you to thank for guiding me on the path to meditation. I actively pursued training and developed an ongoing practice after your suggestion. It has literally been a lifesaver and given me so much emotional strength and clarity.


Romy Phillips, Author and Yoga Instructor

Working with Couples

“Working with Marlu has totally transformed the way that my wife and I communicate. We are more open, attentive, kind and compassionate with each other. Personally I have gone from being fearful about the future, to being excited to get to know this person that I share my life with better, which is of course, the journey of a lifetime.” 

Many thanks, Marlu, for all the wonderful change you have helped bring about in our relationship ”

– Tim

“Marlu has been a huge help for me and my husband at a crucial time in our marriage. She essentially taught us how to effectively communicate with each other. She took the time to get to know us both as individuals and as a couple. Marlu consistently emphasises us understanding each other more fully, and helping to make sure we each feel heard. It has been such a support having Marlu’s expertise during difficult conversations; she guides us with warmth and humour. Marlu is a calm, compassionate and pragmatic therapist who I would highly recommend.”

– Clare

Marlu is a thoughtful and highly effective couples counselor. My husband and I come from different backgrounds and cultures, and we didn’t always realize how deeply this impacted our relationship and communication. Marlu worked with us and taught us how to communicate effectively, express our needs, and create a positive atmosphere of love, support, and appreciation. Marlu taught us simple, yet effective strategies that have worked wonders. After our rewarding experience, we’ve encouraged many of our family and friends to explore counseling as well. We can’t recommend Marlu enough!

– Meghan

Marlu has been a blessing. She has helped me learn to love myself as well as accept love. I have learned my boyfriends love language and seen that he has been showing and expressing his love to me all this time.  I just didn’t recognize it because it wasn’t my love language. Of course, my boyfriend and I came together and in our joint session, learned how to communicate with each other and express love in each other’s love languages. Marlu continues to work with us and has improved our relationship exponentially. She really is a blessing. Thank you Marlu!

– Neda

Marlu was great in helping me more positively contribute to the relationship with my partner. She helped us develop the ability to effectively communicate with each other on topics that were important as we worked towards our wedding. She was very helpful in both individual sessions and couples sessions and I am very happy that we chose her.  

– Kendrick

Marlu has helped me understand the power of therapy, individually and in my relationship. She is as much of a teacher as she is a therapist. I’ve improved my listening and communication in my relationship and my mood day to day is at all time highs.

– J.H.

Marlu Harris helped my fiancée and I talk honestly without  hurting each other by using “I” statements and owning our feelings.  We only saw her four times and it was enough to set our goals straight for our upcoming wedding and life together.  Highly recommend her.”   

– Justine

Path to Freedom, Hypnosis and RTT ™client stories

“Marlu’s years of experience as a therapist and a deeply caring person were immediately evident as soon as we met.  I had been dealing with a physical illness, and Marlu guided me through the RTT process to very emotional scenes and limiting beliefs that I never realized were holding me back.   She helped me to understand and clearly see why it was safe to set myself free. To say the experience was transformational, and a huge relief would not do her or her work justice. She made me feel safe and my transformational recording was empowering, full of my words and what was meaningful to me. I highly recommend, Marlu.”


– Christina Woods, RTT Practitioner

“I love listening to Marlu’s voice on the recording she made for me and I’ve noticed that my strength has improved after the command cell therapy…actually commanding my cells to return to health. Every day my strength continues to return to me as I recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I’m now able to regularly walk up a steep hill that I could not walk up even just a few weeks ago.  I’m gradually feeling stronger and stronger and I attribute this to my RTT session with Marlu and listening to the recording daily.”

– Lucy L, Mindset Manifestation Coach

 I found Marlu’s hypnosis and recording to be very helpful to a long standing personal issue. The first session was powerful and revealed some profound details about various episodes of my life; and that alone was healing. The follow up recording that I played every night for 21 days infused me with that deep change that I’ve been seeking. I really love Marlu’s voice and inflection; which is important since I listen to her almost every day! And I’ve continued beyond the 21 days as I am committed to this work and making sure it sticks. I would recommend Marlu to anyone who’s ready to face something that they’ve felt to be impossible and lasting. If it’s time for a significant and profound change in your life- Marlu and the recording she makes for you are the way to get it done!

– Jane M, Filmmaker

My session with Marlu was amazing! I discovered things from the past that were causing me tremendous pain and grief. Marlu was professional and I felt very safe. It was easy to be receptive to the questions that she asked. She guided me gently through the process and I was amazed at how fast we were able to get to important events contributing to my symptoms. She spoke clearly and was easy to understand. The recording she made for me is calming, uplifting and easy to listen to. What I like about the therapy is that it’s deep, efficient and effective. I felt so much freedom after my session and feel myself getting more confident in such a short period of time. I highly recommend Marlu for your RTT session!

– Karina Gonzalez, Software Engineer

I had a wonderful RTT Hypnotherapy session with Marlu. She helped me get to the bottom of why I had been having my issue for so long, and then helped me to transform it. It was quite profound. I just love the recording she made for me to listen to every day, and it feels like this is helping me to enter into a whole new chapter of my life, free from that issue. I am beyond grateful for this deep healing.

 – Michelle Coles, ND, Naturopathic Doctor and Holistic Health Practitioner

Unsure of what Rapid Transformational Therapy would be like, I had no idea what to expect coming into my session with Marlu. I realized quickly how powerful and enriching the process was. Delving into prior experiences and new meditation techniques, I immediately felt calm and at ease, which can be a difficult feeling to come by as I am extremely prone to stress and anxiety. Since our session, I have noticed my mental clarity improve, and it has felt easier to adopt a more positive outlook toward issues that used to expend so much of my time and energy. I would recommend Marlu’s hypnosis sessions to anyone who wishes to better their mental health or simply feel good about who they are!

– Makenna Gaeta, UCSB College Student

I have been struggling with my sexual identity and behavior and have been involved with 12-Step groups for many years. Although I’ve received value from the 12-Step group community and continue to participate, my behavior still felt out of control more often than I desired. As an adjunct to weekly psychotherapy with Marlu, I agreed to a hypnosis session. I was pleasantly surprised when my sexual acting out ceased on day 21 of listening to the recording made by Marlu. The recording was like a relaxing meditation and was easy to listen to daily. Today I feel better about my sexuality overall, more accepting of what it is,and  of who I am without shame.

– Psychotherapy Client

I have just received rapid transformational therapy from Marlu Harris. I feel energized, clear, motivated and happy. Marlu was a very supportive therapist and I found with her guidance, that I was able to go deep into hypnosis easily and effortlessly. It was a very positive experience and an easy process to follow. I am excited to use the process over the next 21 days and see what result I gain from the end of it. After just one day I have had my most productive day in a  long, long time. Thank you Marlu.

– Emma Kenyon, Coach, Soul Mentor, and Akashic Record Guide

Marlu was able to take me back in regression and bring out the true reasons for those old beliefs and how they impacted who I am today . Marlu helped me recognize clearly that it is all behind me, in the past, and I can let it go. During the regression, I was able to speak to my sister and understand her reasonings and how I perceived it at the time. I understood her behavior was not really about me at all, and that her treatment of me wasn’t meant to be traumatic, even though it was. And now, armed with the understanding fifty years later, to finally understand all this trauma and to be able to tell my sister I love her and to forgive her is life-affirming for me. Marlu is an amazing therapist. She helped me to clear past issues with my husband and his PTSD, helping me to see how I did the best I could with the knowledge I had at the time. I had to survive and protect our two kids. I was finally able to forgive myself.

Marlu gave me a powerful session and nothing was left out. Her melodic voice transformed me and my transformation was immediate. A weight has been lifted. I feel lighter, more aware, and I feel happy. I can’t thank Marlu enough. I send you all best wishes, Marlu on your future success because you are an amazing and phenomenal RTT therapist.

– Lydia Ramirez, Retreat Leader

Psychotherapy & Coaching Results

Marlu Harris is a rare gem. I have had extensive experience with therapists throughout my life and I can truly say Marlu is the best of the best. She listens. She absolutely hears you, takes notes, and remembers. Her expert experience and vast knowledge combine beautifully with her positive, kind, and powerful healing presence. I always feel immensely better after a session. I feel extremely blessed to have found Marlu!

– Heather Lyman

“I am so grateful for Marlu. I was frustrated that a close family member was not inviting me into the family business. She helped me understand that I was holding myself back by not speaking up for myself. I knew what I was capable of and she very strongly encouraged me to express it. Now I’m Vice President of a thriving company and 90% of it is because of Marlu.”

Marlu’s intuitive approach to therapy helps me to express what I truly feel, even if it takes some digging. She is directive and compassionate. I trust her with my innermost secrets and that’s saying a lot.”

Marlu has always been a great listener and made me feel safe.  We developed a rapport and she really helped me work through to the root of some of my issues, specifically my perfectionism.  She is constantly honing her craft by reading and attending workshops which shows that she is passionate about helping others. Our sessions changed formats as a result of the pandemic, but that did not make me feel any less cared for.  I have always felt that I am in good hands with Marlu and am grateful for her guidance and care.

– R.V.

Today’s session made my day! Thank you so much for the support and encouragement. I appreciate all your words every week and how you help me see things from different perspectives and pushing me to put myself first. Your willingness to teach out between sessions with insights and resources is appreciated. 

– MJ

I want to thank you sincerely and deeply for your time, friendship, and advice.  What sticks with me most is your guidance that we’re all in charge of our own happiness.  That’s been very helpful to me.  

– Dan

I just want to thank you for helping me improve myself and become a happier person. I’m turning more into the person I want to be and I’m more calm and I have you to thank for that. Thank you.”

– Neda N.

“My 13 y.o. daughter was angry at me for getting divorced and was very resistant to seeing a therapist.  After a few sessions with Marlu Harris, she is blossoming and even recommended therapy to one of her friends.  Bringing her to see Marlu was one of the things we did  right. I highly recommend Marlu’s work with children and parents going through major life transitions.”  

– Arthur

“I was so fearful to talk to a therapist.  My husband had been unfaithful and I was ashamed and angry.  I felt a burden lift after just talking to Marlu on the phone.  She has a soothing voice and comforting presence.”  

– A.E.

“After my divorce there was still much anger and fighting between myself and my ex.  Marlu helped me to see the big picture and to focus on my child. Working with Marlu was a blessing. My only regret was not meeting her at the beginning of my divorce. ”  

– Robert

“Marlu taught me yoga breathing and how to stop my internal negative self-talk through simple techniques that really work.” 

– Danielle

 “I have learned so much about myself in therapy.  I don’t blame others as much.  Marlu taught me how to get in touch with my feelings and to express them in a more positive way.  She always offers suggestions or asks questions that make me think.   She doesn’t just sit there and listen.  She participates.“  

– Sonara

“I can honestly say that my time with Marlu has definitely played an integral role in how much better I feel today versus when I first started therapy. I was considering relocating from LA to the East Coast at the time I engaged Marlu’s services. Taking the time to discuss options and my feelings around this move in therapy was essential and helped me to make the right decision and move. 

Thank you very much, Marlu. It was truly an awesome experience.”

– Jon

It is long overdue for me simply to express how grateful I am to have you in my life. I met you when I felt very confused and scared about what I was going through in life, but through your guidance I have found so much peace and momentum. You have helped me regain faith, enjoy the excitement of whatever is next (no matter how uncertain life feels at some points), and most importantly have provided me with numerous tools to navigate this thing called life. Thank you for being such a light in my life,. To me you are more than my therapist, an inspiring mentor, a listening ear, and a kind, encouraging and strong role model. I am so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for EVERYTHING that you do, Marlu. You have added so much brightness to my life and for that I am forever grateful.

-Alana S.

Dear Marlu,

I want to thank you for helping me through some dark and difficult times. I am doing so well now that I forgot how depressed I was before I saw you. I use an online journal that sends you entries that you wrote in the past. When I read how miserable I was back then, I realized that I need to thank you for helping me learn how to handle stress and difficult situations.  I do have stress but now I have the tools you showed me to handle them so I don’t get overwhelmed by it all. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

– E. O.

“I appreciate you more than I can say. You have helped me learn to love myself and become the person I want to be. I could not have done it without you.”

– Natalie

Testimonials from Akashic Record Exploration

“I just had my first Akashic reading with Marlu. Being a channel myself, I was wondering what could I gain from this. I’m once again reminded how important the collective is and how we each have our own unique way of accessing source. We can’t always see what we put in our own way, and others are here to illuminate us. Marlu has a calm, down to earth, and a spot-on way to access the records. This approach leads one to handle the mystical in a very practical way. It’s pretty clear to me she has been working within the Akashic Field for many lifetimes and her wide vision allows her to access the most relevant information. Confirmation of guides and what blocks I have put in my way were hard for me to see. Her loving approach helped me see aspects of my own thinking that needed clearing as well as gave me unseen progress on my spiritual work. Marlu is wonderful for empaths, other warriors of light as well as people new to mystical arts. She is also great at crystal communication in regard to what one can use for their certain situation. Her traditional knowledge of human sciences mixed with her spiritual work creates a gateway of great healing rooted in compassion. I highly recommend her work to help heal blocks, past life clearing, setting and locking intentions into action. Thank you Marlu and I’m sure this is the first of many meetings.”

– Brent Ballatore, Spiritual Channel, Pleiadian, Kundalini Yogi

“It has been a few months since my Akashic Records reading with Marlu Harris. One of the main focuses that came up in our session was on my business, The Cauzmos, and how I wanted to move forward in the coming months. In reflection, this conversation gave me so much introspection and clarity on how I wanted to operate. Since the session my team and I have made substantial progress and are continuing to grow. The session was inspiring and I look forward to taking another deep dive into the Akashic Records soon. “ 

– Jami Lee Avery

“Marlu Harris served as a wonderful guide in exploring my Akashic records and she offers a compassionate and clear presence. The experience was mystical as Marlu intuited symbols and helped me connect to available sources of divine support. I felt encouraged as the guidance offered clarity of direction and alignment with resonating truths. “


– Krista Augius, Artist, Reiki Master, and Physical Therapist

“My session with Marlu exploring the quantum field and Akashic Records was so insightful! 

She gave me fresh perspective in areas where I really needed it and I was totally amazed at how accurately she perceived situations. I felt really empowered and supported throughout. Thank you Marlu for your wonderful gifts!”

– Suzi Boyle, Life Coach

“I have to say that I was very impressed by my session with Marlu. Being a medium and accessing the Akashic Records regularly, I released any expectations for this reading, and connected with an open heart and spirit.

It felt so good to be on the other side of the reading and, as I have total confidence in Marlu’s abilities, I felt completely relaxed and at ease throughout.

Marlu’s soft voice guided me in the Akashic Records and brought me into the presence of my guides in the spiritual realm. I felt at peace and surrounded by light and love every minute of it. The guidance they gave me through Marlu was insightful and clear.

Thank you, Marlu, for this one of a kind reading that gave me a new perspective regarding a subject close to my heart. I will definitely do the experience again when in need and I strongly recommend Marlu as a guide in the Akashic Records.”

– Nathalie Legrand, Evidential Medium and Intuitive Guide.

“It was clear from the beginning that Marlu was very committed to bringing through information that could be helpful to me in my life today. I so appreciated her kind and gentle way of exploring the Akashic Records and how she wanted to make sure that all of my questions were answered. Marlu left no stone unturned and was very patient and helpful during the whole process. She is truly a bright light in this world.”


– Angela Morelli Carpenter, Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Teacher