As I embark on this mystical and spiritual journey of self-discovery, I find myself reflecting on the profound appreciation I have gained for my ancestors and, in particular, my parents. Today, on Parents’ Day, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the deep love I share for them, despite the tumultuous relationship we had.


Growing up, I often found myself at odds with both of my parents, especially during my teenage years. Our clashes were frequent, and it seemed as though understanding and compassion were distant aspirations. However, through my quest to remember who I truly am, I have come to realize that on a soul level, I chose them.


Looking back, I now understand that our struggles were an integral part of my spiritual growth. The challenges we faced served as catalysts for my personal evolution, helping me discover strength, resilience, and the importance of forgiveness. It is through these adversities that I have learned to appreciate the immense love my parents had for me, even if it was sometimes expressed in unconventional ways.


My journey has also allowed me to reconnect with the ancestral wisdom that resides within me. I recognize that my parents were the vessels through which this wisdom was passed down to me, carrying the hopes, dreams, and experiences of generations before us. Their struggles and triumphs are woven into the fabric of my being, shaping who I am today.


While my parents have now departed from this earthly realm, their presence continues to guide and inspire me. I honor their memory by embracing the lessons they taught me, the love they shared, and the courage they displayed throughout their lives.


Today, on Parents’ Day, I encourage each of you to reflect on your own relationship with your parents. Whether it be one filled with harmony or strife, there is value in acknowledging the role they played in shaping your journey. Embrace the opportunity to express gratitude for the lessons they imparted and the unconditional love they bestowed upon you, even if it was not always apparent at the time.


Let us celebrate the complexities of our relationships with our parents, recognizing that they are an essential part of our individual narratives. Through forgiveness, understanding, and the recognition of our shared humanity, we can heal the wounds of the past and honor the deep bond that exists between parent and child.