Today was a rather extraordinary day in my therapy session. 

As I opened up to my therapist about an experience that left me both exhilarated and curious, I couldn’t have anticipated her reaction. I nervously shared with her the unexpected “download of light language” I had received, and her surprise was palpable.

The conversation that followed took us both on an unexpected journey into the realms of spirituality and the unknown.

“So, what exactly is this light language?” my therapist inquired, genuinely intrigued but admittedly clueless about the phenomenon.

Well, it’s a form of communication that transcends words,” I began to explain, “It’s like receiving a flow of information, almost like a direct download from a higher source. I came across it through the teachings of Joe Dispenza, the renowned neuroscientist and author.”

“Is that like talking in tongues?” she asked, drawing a comparison based on what little she knew about spiritual practices.

“I think it might be similar,” I replied, “though I’m not entirely sure as I don’t have much knowledge about talking in tongues. But from what I gather, it does involve a form of speaking or channeling.”

Intrigued by the concept, my therapist decided to do a quick search on the topic. We were on a Zoom call, and she went on to Google “light language” while I did the same on my end. We were both eager to uncover the essence of this newfound gift.

As we scrolled through the search results, we found references to speaking in tongues, glossolalia, and its connection to spiritual practices.

My therapist mentioned, “There seems to be a biblical reference to speaking in tongues. It’s believed that when one speaks in tongues, they are communicating with God, not with man.”

“Yes, that’s what I’ve heard too,” I replied, relieved that the information we found was rooted in spirituality and divine communication rather than anything negative.

As we delved deeper, we noticed that the search results didn’t display any indications of evil, possession, or devil worship, contrary to what I had feared before our research. It was a positive and enlightening revelation.

“I’m glad there’s nothing negative associated with this practice,” I admitted, “I hesitated to look it up before because I was worried about the misconceptions and accusations that could arise.”

My therapist nodded in agreement, “It’s understandable. There’s often a lot of misinformation and judgment surrounding anything outside the conventional norms. But it’s essential to approach these experiences with an open mind and a willingness to learn.”

Our conversation left me feeling reassured and validated in my spiritual exploration.

It’s fascinating to think that I had tapped into a mystical realm that has roots in ancient spiritual practices.

The realization that light language is one of my unique spiritual gifts filled me with a sense of purpose and wonder.

As I continue to embrace this new aspect of my journey, I am grateful for my therapist’s open-mindedness and willingness to explore unfamiliar territories with me. Together, we’ve dispelled the fear of the unknown and replaced it with a sense of excitement and spiritual growth.

In the end, our therapy session evolved into more than just a discussion about light language—it became a reminder of the beauty in embracing the mystical and the extraordinary in life.

And who knows, perhaps this newfound gift will lead me to uncover even more hidden depths within myself and the universe.