On July 30, we celebrate International Friendship Day, a day dedicated to cherishing and honoring these invaluable connections. 

In this blog post, I delve into the significance of friends becoming family, highlighting the profound friendship between two kindred spirits, Rhonda and myself, that has flourished for over five decades.

Who is that special friend for you?


The Power of Friendship:

Friendship is a beautiful bond that transcends blood relations. It is a connection that is built on love, trust, and shared experiences. Friends often hold a special place in our hearts, becoming an integral part of our lives. 

They celebrate your successes, console you during hardships, and inspire you  to become the best version of yourself.


Shared Adventure:

In June 2023, Rhonda and I attended a life-changing meditation retreat with renowned speaker and author, Dr. Joe Dispenza, our first ever adventure together. 

This retreat allowed us to delve deep into our spirituality and explore the power of the mind-body connection.

 It was an incredible journey of self-discovery and personal growth, an experience that nobody in my family would have been interested in. 

This shared experience further cemented our friendship and opened new doors of understanding between us.

What memories do you have with a friend?


Emotional Support:

Life  sometimes throws unexpected challenges our way. In 2017, when I received the devastating news of my cancer diagnosis, Rhonda displayed unwavering support and love. 

Despite the physical distance between us, she immediately flew down to be by my side after the surgery. 

Her presence during that difficult time was a source of immense comfort and strength, reminding me that true friends stand with us during our darkest moments.

Rhonda’s unwavering presence and support reinforced how friends often become the family we need most during times of adversity.

These connections can evolve into a chosen family, where love, trust, and support flourish. 

As we celebrate friendship day, take a moment to cherish the friends who have become family, like my dear friend Rhonda. 

It’s a perfect time to honor and nurture these invaluable relationships, acknowledging the profound impact a dear friend or two has had on your life. 

May you always cherish the power of friendship and the extraordinary bond that turns friends into family.