As some of us are suffering from Covid and other afflictions, I am sharing this healing meditation which has helped many.

I listen as a preventive measure to strengthen, enrich, recharge and invigorate my body’s natural ability to heal.

This recording is based on the work of Marisa Peer and RTT. It is a self-hypnosis journey with relaxing music containing binaural beats to activate the theta brain waves (brain entrainment music composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke). The audio contains a healing vortex and command cell therapy.

Do your body and your mind a favor with some self love by listening to this recording. You will feel better right away. Take a listen and command your cells to perfection!

I help professional couples on the brink of separation to re-prioritize their relationship, communicate effectively and establish a stable foundation at home.

I can help you eliminate imposter syndrome and act with confident authority.

RTT: I help you release limitations and blocks by facilitating a dialogue with your subconscious mind while you relax safely at home. It is amazing to understand yourself so deeply and quickly for the first time. I want to shout it from the rooftops. This path offers freedom and is available for everyone.