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Following your intuition is a powerful tool that can help guide you in making decisions.

Following your intuition, your heart, and your gut, helps in making decisions that are aligned with your true desires and purpose. Let’s explore the ins and outs of following your intuition.

Benefits of Following Your Intuition:

Following your Intuition is based on a deeper level of understanding than your conscious mind.

Intuition comes from an understanding beyond the grasp of your conscious mind.

Following your intuition is picking up on subtle signals or patterns that your conscious mind has missed.

I get a physical sensation (goosebumps, chill bumps, tingles) that lets me know when I’m going in the right direction. Physical sensations are often a positive sign for many people.

For me, following my intuition means paying attention to the signs from within me, within my physical body. My physical body is a tuning fork in a sense and gives me a better understanding of the situation.


Following your intuition, your heart can lead to better decision-making.

Research has shown that people who trust their instincts (following your intuition) tend to make better decisions than those who rely solely on logical analysis.

Your intuition can help you tap into your deeper desires and purpose. Following your intuition often leads to decisions that are more aligned with your true self.


Following your intuition can lead to increased confidence and self-trust.

Following your intuition and seeing positive results can boost confidence. Following your intuition helps you to rely on and trust your inner compass, your heart, your internal GPS. Knowing to follow your intuition can become your secret super power!

Some call it following your gut instincts, some call it following your heart.

Just like any muscle or tool, the more you follow and tune into your intuition,  the more you strengthen your intuitive ability,  the more you can rely on your intuition (your inner voice) to guide you.


Is following your intuition influenced by biases and past experiences?

While intuition can be a powerful tool, some say intuition can also be influenced by past experiences. 

Sometimes you may avoid situations that are not necessarily harmful, especially if you’ve had a negative experience in the past. You may think that this is your intuition, but more than likely it’s a limiting belief based on past experience.

If you know you’ve had past experiences that may be affecting you in terms of limiting beliefs, consider Coaching, RTT Hypnosis, or psychotherapy to clear these limiting beliefs once and for all. 

It’s important to clearly discern and differentiate between an ego-based decision and one that is pure intuition.

I use my intuition to validate decisions and always rely on mine as a strong ally. It helps that  I’ve been studying intuition and meditating daily for the past ten years. 

Practice makes perfect. The more you practice  following your intuition, your intuitive ability becomes stronger. You will begin to follow your intuition and rely on your intuition (your inner voice) to guide you.

Let me know if you’re interested in ways to strengthen your intuition, and ultimately learn to

Know when you can follow your intuition with confidence.