I just found out about Face Your Fears Day, which is celebrated the second week of October. International Face Your Fears Day is a catalyst designed to give people the permission, encouragement, and little nudge they need to step up to their fears and say ‘that’s enough! This is a time for mustering courage and taking control!

For me, personally, filing my taxes before the October 15 extension deadline this year was causing me anxiety and worry:

Where did the money go? Why am I not making more? Am I doing enough? Why did I put this off?

Repetitive thoughts from self-recrimination over past mistakes and procrastination to worry about future painful repercussions filled my head. Fortunately, I have developed a process to help. I spent several hours over two days using the Letting Go technique. At the end of the weekend, the anxiety had lifted.

I adapted my approach from Letting Go, by David Hawkins, one of my all-time favorite books for self-growth. I’m currently reading, and listening to, this transformational book for the fourth time. There is enough information in the Appendices alone that Letting Go is one of those books on regular repeat in my Audible library. I first read it in 2015 and it ages like a fine wine, more delicious and insightful with each study.

Dr. Hawkins takes us through his and his client’s life experiences where they faced what was holding them back and let any worry, anxiety, and fear be felt, heard, and accepted. This can be done more easily in a meditative trance-like state, either on your own or under the guidance of a skilled professional. The process I have developed from this incredibly deep inner work is a combination of hypnosis, psychotherapy, and meditation. I’d love to share it with you.

I use letting go regularly with my clients when a fearful anxious thought just doesn’t seem to move on. And it works!

Our fearful thoughts are the most difficult to embrace and face. Usually we push them aside, hoping they’ll go away. Most fears are created from past experiences, or worry about possible worst-case scenarios. When you look more closely, the fears are created in your mind and can hold you back from taking a trip, enrolling in a class, or even leaving your house.

The good news? Since you created the thought, you have the power to let it go!

Start with one small thing you’d like to overcome.

Doing things bit by bit, baby step by baby step is an easy way to start.

Take that class. Join a gym. Ask them out. Smile at a stranger. Seek help from a professional.

Do one thing today to face your fear!

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