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It’s never too late to express thoughtful appreciation.

Do you still have gifts to give? Are you wondering how to gracefully accept a gift that wasn’t exactly to your liking? Consider that most of us express love in our unique love language so what might seem perfect to me may not be perfect for you.

Holidays are special, from spending time with friends and family to giving gifts that bring happiness. The magic of the holidays is about the moments we create. Gift giving is about more than just physical objects. It’s about showing love and appreciation to the special people in your life. No matter the gift, the feeling the gift evokes is key.

Here is a holiday gift guide inspired by The 5 Love Languages, which I recommend for discovering your love language as well as those of your loved ones. Author Gary Chapman explains how everyone gives and receives love differently. Use this gift guide to help you meaningfully communicate love to those you care about.

While these languages are often used in romantic relationships, they can be applied to all relationships. Here is a break down for choosing and receiving a gift that speaks to someone’s love language.


Those who prefer Words of Affirmation as their love language thrive on verbal affection. They appreciate being told that they are appreciated, loved, adored, respected. A gift of words will fill the hearts of those who identify with this love language.

You might find they love journaling or a comforting “You’ve Got This” sign at their desk. Give them words to show them you care or ones that inspire!


If your loved one is a believer that actions speak louder than words, then their love language is Acts of Service. Make them breakfast in bed, fill up their car with gas, or create an intimate dining experience at home.

This person prioritizes taking their time in the morning to make a cup of tea, loves having a clean house, and melts every time someone brings food to share.


One of the most adored yet misunderstood love languages is Receiving Gifts. Although still very heartfelt, this love language may appear more material driven. Think about mailing a thoughtful card or putting a kind note on their desk or pillow. When this person goes away, they always bring back souvenirs. There’s no such thing as a solo stop in the morning for donuts; this person grabs a dozen to share. Remember it’s not the cost, it’s the gesture that counts with them


Those who identify with Quality Time as their love language appreciate being with you. Undivided attention is where they feel loved. You can make them feel loved by not looking at your phone when spending time together. (This is a big complaint many couples have shared with me in counseling sessions). This person tends to enjoy time in nature and will jump at any opportunity to plan quality time. They also enjoy when someone they care about plans activities for them that allows for one-on-one interaction


The last of the love languages is Physical Touch. This person melts when love or care is communicated through touch. When they consent, they like to be hugged, kissed, or to have their hand held. Physical intimacy is what they value most as it represents emotional connectivity. This person never passes up an opportunity to go to the spa. They are the friend who shows affection and the type of person that says “I’m a hugger” when meeting new people.