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What to Expect From Therapy or Coaching With Me

Thank you for reaching out to me.  It takes courage to seek help, to be willing to open up and share your desires with another person.   My focus is on uncovering and developing your strengths as well as healing emotional wounds, while providing you with the tools to help yourself.   We will revisit your goals from time to time to make sure you are getting what you need.

You are important to me and I view our time together as sacred.  More than a scheduled meeting time, ours is an ongoing relationship. I carry a piece of you with me, between appointments. When something comes up that I think might be of interest to you, I will reach out by sending you an email message.  I am committed to you and the work we do together.

marluharrisI expect a commitment from you to engage and to regularly interact in our time together.  When you don’t understand something, please ask questions.  This is how progress is made and growth occurs. I trust that in every experience there is a lesson to be learned, even if it is not evident at the time.  This is equally true in the therapeutic/coaching partnership as it is in other aspects of our lives. As in any relationship, there may be misunderstandings that occur from time to time.  If something doesn’t feel right, I encourage you to bring it up so that I can address all of your concerns.

I care about your wellbeing and my intention is to always work from my heart with love, while staying true to your growth and to myself in the process.

When coming to an end of the therapeutic/coaching partnership or when something changes, it is meaningful to talk about it in person whenever possible.   I fully support and encourage you to discover your unique voice and to express yourself with confidence.

Keeping the faith (in you),

– Marlu


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