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Marriage Counseling & Individual Therapy

Marlu Harris, LMFT offers psychotherapy and counseling to individuals, couples, and families in Santa Monica, California.


As a life coach, Marlu is dedicated to your vision for the life you truly desire. She will guide you to uncover, reflect, honor and hold a space for your goals as you work together toward the realization of your dreams. More About Coaching Here


Communicate more effectively and develop a closer relationship with your partner. This is perfect for any stage of your relationship, from premarital counseling to a “tune-up” to high conflict.  More About Couples Here.


Marlu provides a warm environment that makes it easy for children to talk about their problems. Her goal is to facilitate and encourage communication between family members.

Custody Concerns and Reunification Therapy

Marlu has proven expertise in child custody evaluations, and as a court appointed parent coordinator in high conflict cases. She facilitates productive and safe meetings between parents and children who have become estranged from their parents for a variety of reasons, including possible parental alienation. Her goal is to re-establish a bond between the parent and child. More about Custody Concerns Here

Corporate Services

Marlu has a successful track record presenting dynamic wellness seminars to employer groups and grief counseling for employees.

When to Seek Help for Your Child

childParents are usually the first to recognize that their child has a problem with emotions or behavior. Still, the decision to seek professional help can be difficult and painful for a parent. An honest open talk about feelings in a gentle manner can often help. Parents may choose to consult with the child’s physicians, teachers, members of the clergy, or other adults who know the child well.

Younger Children

Poor grades in school despite trying very hard, or refusal to go to school, go to sleep, or take part in activities that are normal for the child’s age may be indicators that your child needs help. Other signs may include hyperactivity, persistent nightmares, persistent disobedience or aggression, and frequent temper tantrums.

Pre-Adolescents & Adolescents

This age group may show an even wider number of signs that they need help. These may include a marked change in school performance, sleeping or eating habits, the inability to cope with problems and daily activities, and many physical complaints. Signs of depression, threats to run away, threats to harm themselves or others, substance abuse, aggressive behavior, or opposition to authority are just a few more signs of trouble.